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Option to bill a specific person in a company

  • John Ramos shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Clients

We have a client who's set up on the main profile, however, he's not the person to pay or get the invoices.

The person who pays the invoice is a contact under the main profile. Since there is only one email that can be used per person and if the main profile person is not the one paying the bill, it becomes a problem.

It would be great to allow us to choose WHO the invoices gets sent to. For example, if we wanted to send the invoice to a contact person or the main profile person. Larger companies have various people in their department (ie, accounting) who simply pay the invoices and not necessarily the business owner (created as the main profile).

Thank you


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Hi John,
This is the intended workflow to achieve these outcomes at this time. Clients can also manage these configurations themselves via the client area.
Hi John,

I'll look into the steps you provided, but that seems to be a workaround instead of addressing the issue itself?

Thank you
Hi John,
There are a number of potential ways to achieve this, depending upon the precise desired outcome:
* Add the account person as a contact via the client's Contacts tab
* Select the checkbox for them to receive the invoice related emails
* Click Save Changes

If you'd like this person to also be named on the invoices:
* Navigate to the clients Profile tab
* Use the "Billing Contact" dropdown to select this contact
* Click Save Changes
Would either of those meet your requirements?