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Option for customers to hide or archive cancelled services

  • Shawn Ort shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Client Area

Active and longer term customers can get quite a list of services that are cancelled.

Sometimes this bothers them and they would rather not see a service in their list they cancelled a year ago or domains they sold/transferred, etc etc.

Would be nice for there to be a way to hide cancelled services or archive them so they have a status of not normally displaying for a customer.


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Sorry, missed that and yes, that should meet their needs. Thank you.
Hi Shawn,
Glad I could help! I'll make this request as "Already Possible".
Hi Shawn,
Thanks for the suggestion.

In the client area, clients can filter domains and services lists. So with one click of the "View" filter they can view only the active services or domains.

Does this not meet your client's needs? Can you provide some more detail on what enhancements you're proposing to the current filtering options please?