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Notify sender of ticket replies blocked as insecure

  • Russ Michaels shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Support
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Currently the "Allow Insecure Imports" option causes us some problems.

One of which is that the ticket owner thinks their replies have been seen and that they are being ignored, and you will simply have no idea they have replied.

This also completely breaks the ability to deal with sales inquiries through WHMCS, since those inquiries will be coming from people who are not currently users so all their replies will be blocked by default.

It would be beneficial for us if a client's reply is not imported, at least have an option to send a notification to let them know.


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Hi Russ,
Thanks for sharing this suggestion.

We would expect Sales department configuration to have the " Clients Only " option UNchecked. This allows sales inquiries to be submitted from any address.
Could you share some ore information about your workflow for handling such Sales tickets that might be causing you to encounter this situation? Eg. Are admins creating client accounts and assigning tickets to them?
yes and this issue occurs even with that option unchecked, I have opened tickets about this.
but it is a general issue, not just with sales, that was just one example.

there is no way to know about client replied that are not imported unless you just happen to look at the ticket and spot it.
the sender doesn;t get notified either, so they have no idea that nobody has seen their replies.

The security features just do not work very well and are not usable without causing more problems than they solve.