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MarketConnect - better Billing History descriptions

  • Gary Hall shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Admin Area

Can we have better descriptions in the MarketConnect "Billing history" so we can see what the orders relate to - so for SSL's and Sitelock - the domain, client ID and Associated invoice would be ideal (rather than nothing at all!).


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Hello friends,
I am all for this as well. Also, is there any current way to get a running total of the TOTAL DEBITS on our billing history (MarketConnect) outside of adding up line by line hundreds of single items from the billing history page? We need to be able to have either a CSV or just a single total of the debits against our MarketConnect account for Tax purposes.
This is a must feature - currently there's no way to audit what is being paid for.

Its totally blind and is un acceptable for record keeping - we cant even see the order for the order id it shows
Thanks for your suggestion. The MarketConnect order number relates to the service in your WHMCS installation.
Perhaps we could make searching by the service ID easier so that you can look that up quicker?