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Allow Payment Term changes on View Cart Page

It would be nice to have the selection for payment terms such as monthly, annual etc show up when a client reaches the cart as well. The market connect is an amazing idea, but this would avoid customers missing the option on the page before that sits to the upper right of the page. I know that we did at first and thought there was no option for a payment cycle.

Also having a pricing structure that shows them the lowest possible price if they opt for a longer payment cycle would be helpful as well. So instead of on the OX Suite that we noticed this on if you had the normal monthly price and if below that it showed the lowest possible price. This would be based on what we set our selling price on in the management section of each product that we are offering and transfer to this spot on the page so the customer is more enticed to purchase a longer term.

Also on the drop down where you choose the cycle it gives a price per month up until you hit annual plans and then shows the yearly price. It should show either yearly price and monthly breakdown or the price per month if paying annually. This way the customer quickly perceives the value.


WHMCS Team Clarification:
To clarify, this feature request is discussing the possibility of adding a quick-change Billing Cycle option to the View Cart page of the order form process.

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