Thanks for submitting this feature request. I can assure you that we are very interested in customer feedback and suggestions, they form one of the main ways in which we plan the future road-map of the software. However due to the number of requests we receive (sometimes conflicting) it isn't possible to implement every idea.
I'd like to take a moment to explain a little about why this additional password check was implemented within the admin area, and why we do not intend to remove it. Even if you still don't agree with our decision, hopefully it will at-least make the reasons for implementing it clearer.
Adding the password prompt when accessing system setting pages introduces a check and balance which delineates between using the admin area in a day-to-day way and the occasional actions of changing configurations. It also adds a level of proactive prevention against theoretical privilege elevation attacks, and a staff member accidentally leaving an active admin session on a publicly accessible computer. Security is always our top priority.
The obtrusiveness of the admin password prompt is reduced by:

  • Only being required when accessing sections of the admin area related to making configuration settings; pages which are not typically accessed on a daily basis.
  • Only being required again if accessing a protected page more than 15 minutes after the last.

I trust you find that explanation insightful. Thanks for your continued custom and please do keep suggesting and voting on other ideas!