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Live Chat Addon: Restrict Some Departments to Logged In Clients

This is regarding the Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Addon:

The stated features are:-
Featuring benefits including automatic client detection, loginshare, shared access to WHMCS predefined responses, integrated logging of chat transcripts and more.

I checked with WHMCS's support on whether this includes the ability to restrict some of the Departments to clients who are logged in to WHMCS only and I'm told that this is not an option and to open a feature request here.

So I'm opening this feature request with the hope that this can be implemented ASAP since all the necessary ingredients are already there (automatic client detection, loginshare, shared access to predefined response) so this shouldn't be hard to implement at all.

What I want to see is just a simple restriction where some Departments in Live Chat requires clients to be logged in before they can start the chat, which is no different to the way a support ticket is submitted.


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@Nathan: Yes, I'm perfectly aware of that.

However, this is not just a basic distribution arrangement as you can see quite a few features which bridges the two software like automatic client detection so I don't think it's too hard to go one step further and restrict some Live Chat departments to clients who are "detected" by the automatic client detection system that they have as to prevent non-clients from accessing them (for example, you shouldn't be asking the engineers about pre-sales questions).
You are aware that WHMCS does not own the Live Chat software, they only distribute the software because of the partnership they have with the vendor?