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Link to show gateway log on automation status page - declined credit cards pop-up

  • Mark Krieger shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Admin Area
  • 1 Comment

On the automation status page when clicking on the declined credit cards link a pop-up appears that lists the declined charges.

It would be great to have another pop-link that shows the gateway log messages relevant to each transaction, so we can check if we need to wait for a replacement card, remove the existing card because it has been placed with a do not retry code by mrchant services, or if it's just an NSF that will probably will work itself out.


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Hi Mark,
Thanks for taking the time to submit this suggestion.

At present you can lick through to the invoice and then review the capture information in the "Transaction History" section at the bottom.
Clicking the entry will show the relevant Gateway Log entry if available.
Hi John

Thanks for mentioning this, but unfortunately it only shows the general log in my Moneris module which says declined only without the reason.
I need the "Moneris Vault Live Debug" that actually shows the result code to find out why it was declined.