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Internationalized number fields

  • digitall shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Admin Area

In admin area, it is a little discomforting to have to replace commas with dots while inputting decimal values, in particular when having to copy and paste between systems that respect proper internationalization. My proposals are

- step 1: at least accept comma separated decimal values by performing a search and replace in input fields, like prices
- step 2: perform full transformation in input and output between internal dot-based representation and admin area selected language locale settings, like what is done with dates.


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Does that support extends to the admin area or just to the front end? Looks like I cannot put a 1.234,56 currency formatted value when creating an invoice, it gets rounded to the next integer. What am I doing wrong?
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion. Can you give a specific example of the numbering format you'd like to see used?
WHMCS currently supports the following currency formats: