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Integrate with HMRC Making Tax Digital platform

  • arussell shared this idea 4 years ago
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In April 2019, the UK Government will require all VAT-registered businesses to file VAT returns digitally from their billing software, under a scheme called Making Tax Digital (MTD).
Manual tax returns are no longer going to be permitted -- this must come straight from each business's billing/accounting software.
From :
"VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold are required to use the Making Tax Digital service to keep records digitally and use software to submit their VAT returns from 1 April 2019."


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Hi John,

HMRC have a developer hub here with documentation on the APIs:

Further investigation shows that there may be some issues doing this from WHMCS, as expenses need to be factored into these calculations, which is probably out-of-scope for WHMCS.
Thanks for that link, we shall take a look.
I was wondering about whether this has been considered? The reporting for WHMCS is sufficient to produce all I need to submit accounts currently so its unfortunate to have to subscribe to some accounts package I dont need just to submit tax online.
This would be helpful and for the record, so would a way to track expenses. But that's its own request.
Hi Joel,
With just two votes in the past year, this isn't something we are currently investigating.
Please keep voting and if demand increases it's potentially something we can consider further.
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Generally we would expect this kind of reporting to be submitted via an accounting package such as Quickbooks or Xero, however it's certainly something we can consider.

Do you have any more information on the technical requirements? I had a good search of the link you provided but wasn't able to locate that information.