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Integrate Useresponse with WHMCS (as an alternative to Kayako Helpdesk)!

Hello all,I think this sort of integration would be very useful for hosting-providers, who enclose custom SaaS offerings to their basic-hosting feature-sets, or who provide a custom server-management-portal (instead of cPanel etc)


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UseResponse as an replacement for or an addition to the WHMCS-ticket-system in this way:
User / Customer login to his account. When he navigates to the "Support" section, we would not find the KB, FAQ and Tickets from the WHMCS system, but from "integrated" UseResponse. This UseResponse-System could be the Saas-Edition or Self-Hosted-Edition, but the user only needs to login to his WHMCS account. (hope it's clearer now)
Can you provide some clarification of exactly what it is you mean by integrate? Integration can mean many different things to different people and you can already customise the WHMCS frontend via the templates to link to a third party system such as this.