Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestion, we can certainly look to implement these ideas in future should they provide popular. In the meantime, here's some information which should help you achieve these outcomes right away.
1. The highlighting of the related service is defined in the admin template CSS, so can be customised at your end in /admin/templates/*your custom template*/css/style.css

  • table.datatable tr.rowhighlight td {
  • background-color: #E0E8F3;
  • }
  • [/co]

    2. The available merge fields do vary between email templates. To view all available template variables you will just need to enter {debug} into any email template (Setup > Email Templates > Edit), send the message to a client and then load it in your browser via the client's Email tab. Once loaded you will get a popup showing what template variables are available on that particular email template.
    Not all variables are available on every email, and if the variable you wish to use isn't there, then you would need to obtain this yourself. EmailPreSend can be used to create your own smarty variables to use on email templates.