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Include device recognition on Fraudlab Pro Module

  • Heru Nugroho shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Integrations

Fraudlab pro have javascript to create device recognition, but it not working at whmcs because WHMCS module using REST API for integration, for activate device recognition need parameter flp_checksum at REST API Request, please add that parameter to the module.


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Hi WHMCS John,

I've try that and it's not working for fraudlabs. it because whmcs using Rest API Integration.
From fraudlabs documentation it says 'If you integrated our service using REST API, you are required to supply the flp_checksum information during the order/screen API call for device validation'
Hi Heru,
Thanks for your suggestion. This sounds like it could potentially be implemented in the same way as Maxmind's Device Tracking.

Check out this tips and tricks post to see how: