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improve username creation

  • Russ Michaels shared this idea 10 months ago
  • Automation
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When creating usernames, the only option is a random name or the first 8 chars of the domain.
This is so outdated now.

When creating products/services, It really needs to be the entire domain BEFORE the TLD that is used, which is more logical and easier to remember.


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Hi Russ,
Thanks for taking the time to submit this suggestion.
Can you help us understand what problem or limitation you are experiencing as a result of usernames being based upon the first 8 characters of the domain + unique ID number in the case of duplicates.
it's just simple logic and common sense really.

If your business name is "Acme Widgets Limited" and your domain is , what makes more sense and it easier for clients to remember?

1. acmewidg
2. acmewidgets

especially since this username gets used for everything.... whmcs, FTP, cpanel etc