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Improve Support Ticket Data Retention

By expanding the current Data Retention functionality of WHMCS, managing customers would be a lot easier.

Here's a few points in the support ticket system where we feel changes could help with our data retention and management needs:

- WHMCS does not clean up tickets that are not assigned to a user at all. It would be nice to include a method that would automatically delete these "orphan" tickets are X months
- A client can have tickets that are not associated with their user (ie. if the ticket was created by email import). We're still required to delete these tickets when the client wants to delete their account but there's no way to do so from WHMCS
- As an addition to the above issue, a record of the client's various email addresses should be kept. When the client wants to delete their account, the delete function should delete all "orphan" tickets that originates from the client's various email addresses

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