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How to redirect affiliate unique link to a specific URL (pricing page etc.) instead of Homepage

  • Q. Nauman M. shared this idea 7 years ago
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WHMCS gives unique link / URL for each affiliate and once affiliate posts it somewhere like website etc. then traffic is redirected to the Home Page of our website. If affiliate wants to send the traffic to a specific landing page or product instead what he can do? Is there any solution? Other affiliate applications offer that option.


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Hi John,

Ticket #VJM-593826
Please confirm using your given solution if I will be able to redirect traffic from affiliate A to my home page and traffic from affiliate B to my blog and affiliate C to my pricing page?

Awaiting your reply.
My apologies this solution was not explained to you in the support ticket. If you would be so kind as to provide the Ticket ID I can address this with the team member who responded to you.

The aff.php file is available for you to edit however you wish to. You can edit this to redirect where you want either by default or if you pass a flag to the file.
Same has been discussed via ticket and I was suggested to post this idea here for consideration. Anyhow repeating it in detail now, suppose an affiliate wants to redirect the traffic to a landing page instead of a product or home page then is there any solution?
Hello, please refer to This is already possible and an example of how to link to specific product pages is available at that documentation page.