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How to add customer product and add-on order

  • Mehmet Akif SARI shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Order Forms

Hello, there is software that we already sell through WHMCS. This software has Add-on services. When we want to add orders to the customer account, we cannot add add-ons. How to add the Order section add add-ons. And how can we play with the prices of these add-ons?

Hi, it's not configurable. It was only set as an add-on. Except you can configure the add-in, the order is not included in the insert section.


Hello, as you said in Annex 1, adjustments have been made. When we want to update the product price, we can only process the product. The price of the plug-in is not being updated.

How can we update add-on prices in the Add Order section ? For example, if the add-on to the customer named John is 100?, I want to make it 75? to the customer named mehmet. But I want it to be 100? as standard.


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Merhaba, aşağıda verdiğim kısımda eklentilerinde sipariş kısmında çıkmasını istiyorum. Toplu sipariş vermek için daha kolay olacaktır. Eklentilerde fiyat düzenlemesi gerekiyor. Diğer türlü standart fiyat gidiyor.


Hello, I want to come out of the section below the section of the order add-ons. It will be easier to place bulk orders. Add-ons need price regulation. Otherwise the standard price goes.
Hi there,
Product Addons are displayed on the admin order form when initially ordering the service. Ensure the "Show on Order" option is ticked in the Product Addon configuration.

If you'd like to add it to an existing service, click the "Add New Addon" link on the client's service details page.

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