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Honor MaxMind Custom Accept Rules

We currently utilize MaxMind for fraud detection in our system. We have a client that receives a high risk score through MaxMind which causes WHMCS to mark every order he submits as fraud. He is a trusted customer and we would like to allow his orders to proceed without admin intervention. I created a custom rule in our MaxMind account and set it to accept the transaction, and WHMCS sees this because there is a "Custom Rule Results" section that appears on his orders. However, even though the "Rule Action" is "accept", WHMCS still flags the order. I would like the ability for WHMCS to honor that rule and allow the order to proceed as normal. Alternatively, adding a "Perform Fraud Check" toggle to an account similar to the Auto CC Processing or Apply Late Fees toggle would be acceptable to me.
WHMCS Team Clarification:
The application currently support Custom Reject Rules:
The scope of this request should therefore be considered to allow "Allow" Custom Rules to override the other settings.

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