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GlobalSign Module Support SHA256

The GlobalSign Module currently does not support SHA256 certificates. WHMCS currently partners with GlobalSign: and it would make sense for the module to be in a usable state. GlobalSign's information regarding their recommendations:

GlobalSign has been recommending the default be SHA256 since March 31 2014.

GlobalSign notice on 10/16/2014:

  • Ordering pages will be updated to limit the max validity SHA-1 SSL Certificates to one year.
  • APIs will reject any SHA-1 orders that are for more than one year.
  • Re-issuance of SHA-1 SSL Certificates will result in a max of
    one year validity, regardless of the original purchase date or how many
    months are remaining.
  • Re-issuance of SHA-2 Certificate to a SHA-1 Certificate will result in a max validity of one year.

It really seems like it would be best if the module starts issuing SHA256 certificates now or at the very least giving the option. The longer it does not support this the more issues will come up due to this. Mostly the module not being used in favor of a manual process.

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