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Display currency symbol suffix on Review & Checkout page

If using Euros or a currency where the symbol suffixes the value in the shopping cart Review & Checkout display is not shown for one value which is the renewal value (for domain for example) - in all other places on the page the symbol is displayed correctly which makes it stand out (to me anyway). Choosing a currency with a currency symbol prefixing the value (such as £) and the same value has a currency symbol.
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    Display currency symbols consistently
    On the Review & checkout cart the currency symbol is not displayed for currencies where the currency symbol comes after the value in the detail, it is shown correctly on the summaryAs WHMCS insist that this is not a bug as that is how the code has been written I have to raise this as a feature request - a ridiculous state of affairs and a bucket load more to follow for the same reason. It's almost as if they dont want to improve the product and are resting on their laurels over what is good and refusing to acknowledge there are areas which could do with real improvement ....

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