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Disable Autocomplete / AutoFill across WHMCS Admin

  • myworksdesign shared this idea 7 years ago
  • Admin Area

This topic has already unfortunately been broached on a smaller issue for the SMTP fields in settings, but there is an annoying issue across all of the WHMCS admin, where any browser will autofill / autocomplete the WHMCS admin (or any saved login info) login to any username/password fields in WHMCS. This is extremely annoying in the following cases, to name a few.

- Editing / Viewing a client Profile
- Editing / Viewing custom support ticket fields that contain a username/password field
- Editing / Viewing custom module options that contain a username/password
- Editing / Viewing WHMCS General Settings > SMTP settings
- And many more scenarios.

This can be resolved very easily by either adding a hidden username/password field to the top of the page code to trap this browser autocomplete/autofill or using the autocomplete="off" css setting in the fields above.

This is a very simple fix that will save 100% of WHMCS users grief every day.
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    Disable autocomplete in Setup->General->Mail on smtp user/pass fields
    Well this "feature" is a bit annoying:If I save my access credentials to whmcs in Firefox and then go to Setup->General Settings->Mail, those SMTP user/pass fields are autocompleted with my whmcs credentials. If I change anything else, it gets saved to database in plain text.The relevant HTML is here:<tr><td class="fieldlabel">SMTP Username</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="text" name="smtpusername" size="35" value=""></td></tr><tr><td class="fieldlabel">SMTP Password</td><td class="fieldarea"><input type="password" name="smtppassword" size="20" value=""></td></tr>All that is needed is adding a parameter to both fields:autocomplete="off"This surely can be done easily and in a timely manner, right? :)b.


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This is still unresolved — en serio cPanel?
FYI I just opened a ticket and proved to the development team that this is necessary. They haven’t necessarily committed to making it happen but I think I have a very compelling reason to implement it. Their workaround was to disable autofill on Safari for usernames and passwords but after discovering that disabling the autofill feature on iPadOS or iOS completely removes any capabilities of auto filling passwords on any website, not just WHMCS installations. This is an unacceptable workaround and I hope it will come sooner rather than later at this point. I have seen the flaw with Safari on the client product where it addresses the username/password field along with the quick pick of the client when looking at a client profile. It affects both iCloud Keychain and LastPass autofill features.
Any updates on this issue? Hook presented in comments doesn't work anymore.