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Custom Template Directory per Registrar Module

I have looked at the extending further section for domain registrars. Per now when I use hooks and other functions I have all my templates stored in a folder called templates in my module. This work perfect as I tjen just use

global $templates_compiledir;
$smarty->setCompileDir ($templates_compiledir);

Now I was needed to create a page for my registrar module and therefor I used the extending further section to have a easy solution

So use as per documentation

return array('templatefile' => 'SomeTemplateName',

Please let us have the possibility to have this in a folder we self choose etc. /templates and not be forced to have the template files in the main directory.

As I see it now to get it to work is
1) Create a page
- Then menu context to get the sidebars
2) Still Use template
3) Then use hooks to create the menu point..

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