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Extend trail for Ticket responses

We are looking to enable previous responses in our ticket responses for clients. I have found the bit on "quoting replies" in a ticket, but that's only good for each time. While that works for what we want to do, we are looking for a long-term solution to automatically include the client's previous response within our response. Despite the fact that the subject is in the title of the ticket, user's often need additional help in quickly identifying the status of the ticket as it relates to their previous response. Adding these automatically will save the tech's time and quickly bring the client up to speed as almost no one ever actually goes into the ticket system to review their tickets. So, it would help to have this information within our response. We only need the client's LAST response included, not all of them. We don't want never-ending support threads either.

An alternative: The manual process for "quoting replies" would be much better if it added the replies to the BOTTOM of the open ticket window, not at the top. These "quoted replies" are for reference only, so they shouldn't be the first thing a client reads in our response to their problem.

Please feel free to call me if you need clarification on any of this.

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