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Extend the module queue to hooks and add-ons

While integrating WHMCS with other systems you often depend on the availability of an external API.

To illustrate this let's assume we're writing a hook that synchronises client data to your ERP. In theory, this would involve the following steps:

  • Write a hook that ties into ClientAdd and ClientEdit.
  • When it fires, synchronise the data to the ERP through the ERP's API.

This is great as long as your ERP has a reliable API that is never down and never has issues. Nobody's perfect so this API can go down too. Just like domains and other product related tasks, it would be great if you could retry any failed actions.

A failed client update is often not a major concern but you could switch the client for financial data too. What if an invoice or transaction didn't make it to your accounting software? That would be a major issue.

To sum it up I would like to be able to tie into the queue system so any failed tasks are visible and can be retried later.

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