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Expose Product Module Settings thru the API

  • Joar Classon shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Developers
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Add or expose the fields a provisioning/server module adds under "Edit Product" -> "Module Settings" via the API so we can access those fields outside of accessing the database directly.

Either add a new endpoint to the API or add the fields to the GetProducts call.


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Hi Joar,
Thanks for submitting this suggestion.

What problem are you facing that necessitates updating product module settings via the API?

Typically these are a "Set and Forget" settings, so using the UI to configure these once, or make occasional updates, shouldn't pose a problem.

The use we want it for does not require us to update these fields via API. As you said, they are usually used as settings that you "Set and Forget", but we do have a use for exposing/getting the values via the API to external systems, so either an endpoint to get these values or adding them to the GetProducts call (as these module settings are bound to a product, these settings should be sent with the rest of the product details/settings.

In our use example, we use WHMCS as a base for a "product" (as in, all details about a product is in WHMCS, and does another system want to know something about a product, it asks WHMCS about it). In the product module settings, we specify upload and download speed, as it provisions the port with these values. We also have another, independent, system that need to get these module values, to know which up and down speeds to use in its calculcations for this specific product and such.
(We solved this today by making a simple database hack, but it isn't integrated in WHMCS in any way which makes development a bit troublesome)