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Expense - Balance Feature

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I don't mean Quickbooks, or Freshbooks, or similar, but the ability to enter expenses (Our Hosting fees, Our Domains payments, our scripts renewals, etc.) and have a balance agains what we earn, so we can see how are we doing, there are some add ons out there, but I think this can be integrated, I know Matt said before that WHMCS does not do that, the quiestion is, Why not?
I think if WHMCS can add Expense and CRM functionality, improves Project Management add on then we need nothing else!
Thank you.
Merged Ideas
    Showing how much expenses we have towards third parties
    I would like to see an option to see how much expenses per product we have towards "third parties" for example for our script renewals, domain payment etc. so we would have some sort of balance of what we earn and have to pay and It would make the accountancy/administration so much easier.
    Official Expenses Managment
    Having a Official WHMCS Expenses Management will maximize all needs when using a such great platform. like Project management addon, we will be very pleased if WHMCS develop a management expense addon. This topic already were discussed on community and attracts experts users on community.Hope WHMCS think about create this addon like project management and increase their profit, providing millions of end users an OFFICIAL ADDON. from 6 years ago:


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