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Expense - Balance Feature

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I don't mean Quickbooks, or Freshbooks, or similar, but the ability to enter expenses (Our Hosting fees, Our Domains payments, our scripts renewals, etc.) and have a balance agains what we earn, so we can see how are we doing, there are some add ons out there, but I think this can be integrated, I know Matt said before that WHMCS does not do that, the quiestion is, Why not?
I think if WHMCS can add Expense and CRM functionality, improves Project Management add on then we need nothing else!
Thank you.
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    Showing how much expenses we have towards third parties
    I would like to see an option to see how much expenses per product we have towards "third parties" for example for our script renewals, domain payment etc. so we would have some sort of balance of what we earn and have to pay and It would make the accountancy/administration so much easier.
    Official Expenses Managment
    Having a Official WHMCS Expenses Management will maximize all needs when using a such great platform. like Project management addon, we will be very pleased if WHMCS develop a management expense addon. This topic already were discussed on community and attracts experts users on community.Hope WHMCS think about create this addon like project management and increase their profit, providing millions of end users an OFFICIAL ADDON. from 6 years ago:


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Actually I agree that WHMCS is not designed to replace an accounting system, and I already has my accounting system, but considering that WHMCS are helps a lot in management, and reports, and also helping in analysis business health, it would be even better if reports could shows status of not all income in but also balance regarding expenses...That is why it could be just an addon not core directly integrated.

I am not asking WHMCS to develop it on next release or even next months, but this brain storm is to try to make developers think about...All business exists in a way or another...all regard profit. So like there is these official addon: Project management, Software Licenses, Live chat, etc, etc, Expenses could be an addon too. Of course it will need man work, and later only relax and grow profit for WHMCS.

With an expenses track will help a really better analysis of business Heath every moment and this is not related to be an certified accounting system. I agree that WHMCS will not be an account system because lots of requirement rather than expense....
exactly if WHMCS team add in we won't look anywhere else .. we love to use only WHMCS
Adding this functionality would make WHMCS good for not just hosting companies but also smaller/middle companies who want to run a good webbased system for their clients, especially if they sell services.
Would love this to easily keep track of what I have spent compared to how much I make. Certainly would make WHMCS a one stop shop!

Why bother having the reports if you do not track the cost of server rentals/licenses etc
yes my like :)
Let's focus on this, community! This is important
yes.... i think reports are misleading without expense tracking. Server, domain reg costs, subscriptions, software licenses etc, and one off 3rd part bills. This would help me a lot
Agreed. Payments by providers to third parties like WHMCS, ResellerClub, Data Centers, etc....... should be tracked within WHMCS and the ability to import that info into QuickBooks. I know Modules Garden had a QuickBooks module available
This is absolutely necessary. We need to keep track of our expenses and generate reports that will show actual revenue etc.
You're absolutely right. Would be a nice feature to have. It's a little frustrating that we don't have these tools available.
Looks like not much people want this, its a shame.
We would love to see this, but one thing that would be great to add is a per client expenses. So if your client has software or hardware that is an expense to us we should be able to put this in a field on that clients product/service. That way we can see how much we make from each service.

Good example; Some people resell dedicated servers so you should be able to put the cost of the dedicated server to you on that product so you can see how much you make in profit.
2 or 3 years back i say this also but most of ppl dont like it i think and whmcs dit not look in to it :(

i hope it will come now :)
That would be great!
That is good to help us keep up with our taxes and books in order