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Expand with hide amount on ticket

  • hotelwww.suporte shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Support

Option to expand products / services without displaying amount.

Path: supporttickets.php


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It is usually a problem for the support team to know the value of the product, what matters most is to know the description of the service and its limits, but this is difficult to know in tickets. It is common for customers to want more than they buy.
Hi John,

Thank for see the suggestion.

In the template we have the option to remove the amount column, but when expanding the amount appears.

In support, I see no need to display amount, just product or service limits. For primarily discontinued products that do not appear on the site.

It has products that values only matter to the sales team and customer, we do not display in the customer area.

Best regards
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I'd be interested to hear what benefit hiding this column provide to you over the current behaviour?