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End User Custom Product/Service Field

We provide a bunch of services where we generate the hostname of the server and our customers want to have a field in the client portal where THEY can assign a custom hostname alias. It would be great if we can have a checkbox on the CUSTOM FIELDS tab for the Product that states CUSTOMER PROVIDED. By checking this box it displays a field with in the client portal for the end user on a per product basis to add a custom name. Then when the customer is on the SERVICES -> MY SERVICES page the table could list the standard WHMCS hostname field and then the CUSTOMER PROVIDED field before the PRICING column.

Then another feature could be if you check the existing SHOW ON INVOICE box and the CUSTOMER PROVIDED checkbox that custom name would show on the invoice for that Product.

Attached are two pictures from a vendors portal where they have added such a feature but have total reskinned WHMCS too.

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