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End of Month Billing

  • mtorres shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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I have a few clients that would like to receive services and then pay at the end of the month for services received.

In other words, the bill would be due at the end of the month (say 4/30/2014) but the term in the invoice line item for the monthly product would read 4/1/2014 - 4/30/2014.

Can the current product (or an addon you know of) support this?


Merged Ideas
    Bill at the end of the monthly + Monthly Statement
    We should have a feature to be able to change the status of an Invoice to something like "Bill on last day of month" which would then prevent further invoices going out, prevent auto-suspension, renew the domain at registrar and renew the hosting.Then that would automatically generate a statement of invoices for each client at the end of the month that would go to them stating that the statement for this month has been generated and payment is now due.
    Postpaid funcionality for monthly subscribptions
    Hello,I have currently some monthly subscription services that I need to charge Postpaid, the system currently bills everything prepaid. I'm having some success with this service and it be great if I could actually have this function to change between prepaid and postpaid cycles within the product. Currently I'm manually generating invoices for the clients under this service which is a real hassle. I doubt I'm the only one with these types of services and believe this would be a real + for WHMCS future.
    Post Paid
    there is a possibility for the client to hire paid services, it is important for large companies that contract with the hosting company.


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This is needed in order to serve the now post paid type of hosting that now exists such as Cloudways.
We really need this to become a feature 8n WHMCS.
It's basically imperative for us to have this in order to continue using WHMCS +1
This is similar to these requests:

Even though this is a highly sought after feature, it doesn't seem like it will be implemented or event commented on anytime soon by WHMCS.
Hi have a related request here
this is a great idea!
+1 for this, it would greatly simplify our billing process.
Ideally you could set any date as the once a month invoice date for a customer rather than have it as a global setting.
We would like to see this as well.
We've been doing everything manually. About to dump this billing system soon.
Yes I'd like to bump this as well.

We've sort of mitigated this by adding a 30 day grace period, but users are still pre-paying for service... they just get more notice now.
Hello? One year bump.
Any updates on this?
I opened a topic about this too. Think this is really needed.
My correspondence from WHMCS regarding this:

Thank you for contacting WHMCS.
This feature request is still under consideration by our development team. WHMCS has always been designed entirely around pre-paid billing, and as such that is a core part of the system. Changing core parts of WHMCS is not trivial, and requires careful consideration to determine exactly what things the change will effect.
Should the status of this feature request change our development team will update the status of the request, and make an official response to it as well. As such, the best place to keep an eye on the request would be the Feature Request system itself.
This really is a needed feature!
This function will save our time. At this moment we ended up invoicing some clients manually.