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Dynamic language MaxMind verification phone call

  • ZoomiTel shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Automation

We sell voip in a french based market. We want to expend in english market now. Actually the maxmind verification phone call is done only in the language that is set in the module configurations.

So if an english language customer is been verify by phone, it's a french automated phone call that is done.

We would like that the phone call language is based on the order form language.
so if we direct the customer to the cart with language variable like

then the verification call will be in english
MaxMind api is able to do it
But not the whmcs maxmind module


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I suggest you to check the adaptor develop for PBX services by communigate
this one will give you a real PBX
Also it would be nice to offer the client to choose in wich language he want the phone call to be. It might be easyer to implement.