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DNSSEC Parameters for Registrar Modules for Cpanel Servers

  • ptomter shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Integrations

We have delveoped a couple of registrar modules where they now support DNSSEC as they support entries via API calls.

As Z3120 in this request for Enom (

We also would like to have the possiblity to make support for DNSSEC into our custom registrar modules. With the basic functions of Enable, Deactivate and fetch records as a minimum for Cpanel servers if this is configured within whmcs.

Cpanel via the UAPI ( support DNSSEC functions and have functions for like

DNSSEC:: disable_dnssec -
DNSSEC:: enable_dnssec
DNSSEC:: fetch_ds_records

As WHMCS now is owned by Cpanel we hope that this can be considered quickly and allready have it in WHMCS 7.9 as it shouldnt be to hard to integrate.

Suggestion for new functions
yourmodulename_dnssec_enable <-- enable dssec on domain on cpanel servers
yourmodulename_dnssec_disable <-- disable dssec on domain on cpanel servers

Suggestion for new parameters
$dnssecfetch <--- fetching dnssrecords


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Anyone from WHMCS had the possible to consider this at all? I know all topics are "under consideration" but what does this actually mean except no feedback at all. Not all suggestion get super many votes but still are preety easy to fix and should allready be possible...
The Cpanel UAPI requires Username/Password for the webhotell, and if possible WHMCS should make it possible via the Root Token for servers so this would not be a requirement.. possible easier for WHMCS to bring this as a suggestion to CPanel?