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Display the service's server name on the view ticket screen

It would be great if the "view ticket screen" on the admin area displayed the server name to which each service belongs to, if that service has an associated server. I think that the best way to do this would be to add a new column to the "related services" table which is displayed on that screen (see attached screenshot).

This would give some extra information to the support agent dealing with the ticket which might help them avoid opening a new tab with the service's details.

This would be also useful on WHMCS installs with a lot of servers when some of them are known to have issues. Following this example, by knowing the servers on each service beforehand, a support agent could preemptively perform support operations on other services than the one marked as "related to the ticket".

It would also be useful to display the server's health in that column through colours or some kind of indicator. A server with a network issue currently open that affects it could be coloured red (or marked in any other way) to let the support agents know that service is currently affected by some problem. This could be very helpful and save a lot of time when an incident impacts a lot of customers that are opening tickets en masse.

As it is now, this can't easily be achieved through admin theme customisation or by creating hooks, as the data fed to the admin viewticket template is not a model, but rather a fixed array. Also, clicking the "Expand all services" button on the view ticket screen makes an API call to an endpoint that doesn't seem to offer any hooking capability (specifically the "index.php?rp=/admin/support/ticket/${ticket id}/client/${user id}/services" endpoint) and is always returning data that can't be altered easily by a developer.

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