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disable status auto update

when replying to a ticket, the status is automatically changed to ANSWERED.
This has been a problem for years, as often you reply to a ticket to let a customer know you are working on it or because we want to follow up with more info in a few days, so need it to be left open.
NOBODY hardly ever remembers to change the status before submitting. This then results in the ticket no longer being visible and it ends up being closed and forgotten.

Yes I know we can have other statuses which will remain in the active tickets displays, but the issue is people remembering to set the status. After more than 10 years using WHMCS, this is still an issue as people do not remember to set the status when replying,

If the ticket was left OPEN by default, this avoids this issue, and reminds people to look at it and then change the status to "pending" or "in progress" or whatever.

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