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Disable Phone Number Validation

  • Jack Gregory shared this idea 7 years ago
  • Clients

The phone number validation doesn't really work very well for us because people in the UK do not enter the number in the same format (or our clients don't anyway lol). We have had a number of phone calls asking how they get around it when trying to place an order.
My idea is simple, just an option to be able to turn the validation checker off.



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We eventually found the problem and it was caused by the order notes add on.

thanks for your help John and Nathan much appricaited
Well it does do some validation. It returns an error if the phone number contains a + symbol.

I would certainly prefer if we could disable this - we have clients with phone numbers that differ from their billing address countries, so we've had to implement workarounds to store this information separately.
Hi Jack,
I can confirm Nathan is correct; WHMCS does not currently validate phone numbers in this way. Please remove any after-market customisations from your WHMCS installation and try again.

If you're still encountering this behaviour, please open a support ticket and we can help you track down the culprit:
So after looking into what you said i can't seem to find a way to make it run like yours does. It is still giving the invalid error alot
Ah ok I think I'm with you. I'll take a look when I'm back in the office next week. Thanks for the head up mate, much appreciated.
It isn't the case on my multiple whmcs installation, no one ever writes it as +44.1234 567890 - I simply put 123457897890, people in my installation even do the 01234567890 - in the {debug} it gives the option to include the +44.
Hmm ok I'm a little confused then as when we try to add them we have to enter in the format like follows.

+44.1234 567890

Otherwise it won't let you save it. I also contact WHMCS support and they confirm that this was the case and recommended I made a post on here?

WHMCS by default doesn't have a validation on phone numbers (except number validation) so unless you have a module that has enabled this, there should be no issues here? The only thing the customer needs to enter is their phone number, just ensure they don't enter the country code (E.g. 0044 or +44) as WHMCS already adds this to the beginning of the phone number by default.