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Direct Download link for subscription licensing control of Products (software) being sold

  • ((ewe))yn shared this idea 4 years ago
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Allow clients who have purchased a product with a time based update subscription access that ables the to download the product/software via a direct link without the need to login to their account.

Basically making use of the licensing add-on of WHMCS to validate the origin of the request that they in fact can download the product, automatically to update their software (watch this tutorial to understand more).

Like Wordpress and Joomla extensions can update via a click of a button on the client website without the need to go to the developers website. So extension developers like me would use the licensing add-on in their component to give users access to updates for the period of their subscription to my product (software) in WHMCS. Once the subscription stops they also no longer get automated updates access, but need to renew the subscription.


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This is the direction JCB is taking since WHMCS is not moving fast enough... I have tried to get WHMCS to take this step, and they may still some day, but until then JCB will add Integration with ARS.

Thanks for all the votes! I have seen nearly 140 clicks tho this page from six different continents. This is very encouraging to me even if WHMCS does not publish all the votes, I see each of you! Since I know JCB is a very niche product aimed at developers, I understand that you are serious!

Thank you for your support!
we would love this as well
I have used a sort URL to refer JCB users here (so I can see the click through rate which is by the way close to a seventy). Many have told me they have voted on this topic (on whatsapp, telegram, email, phone calls and more), I stopped counting at 20, yet only 9 shows here. Very strange!!!!
This is a great idea. Proper control of add ons for Joomla and Wordpress
Hi ewe

I like your work
I remove the video from youtube for security... if you have any questions please feel free to comment here.