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Daily covid 19 admin side popup / questionnaire

Since we are (like the rest of the world) under the effect of the covid 19 pandemic and lot's of business are requested to keep a log of employees coming to the office with a statement / short questionnaire about their health as part of the daily health checks:

This is something needed to be done each day by each employee that comes to the office.

So since all of the office staff is using WHMCS - please add a way to add an admin side popup that will popup on the screen after the first login of an admin each day (+ an option to locate the form and answer it if the fisr popup was dismised).

In such a pop up the admin will be asked to fill some information - the amount of questions, the field types (tex, check box, date from a calendar, time, select from a list etc), select if a question is mandatory or not and the questions themself will be handled by the Full admin - so it will be flexible enough for each country needs and instructions.

All the information from this popup questionnaire will be stored in a report that will include all the questions answers + the date and time that the admin submitted the answers with filters by dates and by admin etc.

Again - This is something that should popup when the admin is login in to WHMCS once a day - not every login + an option to manually add the information if such a popup was dismissed.

Maybe add a message at the upper part of the screen with an indication if the admin answered his daily covid 19 statement or not.

If you can add such n option to WHMCS it will be superb and will help lots of WHMCS customers and will be a big help supporting us dealing with some of the effect of the covid 19 pandemic while reducing papers and manual loggin of information.

Please do consider adding it.


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Hi Michael Foland,
Sadly I don't have the necessary knowledge and experience with Action Hook etc.
If you know how to create such a module and can provide it to all the WHMCS community - I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.
This something can be done as hook or module :)
Why not do something like this with an Action Hook?