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Customer / User API

  • Sam Bassari shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Developers

we need user api


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Customer API that has their own API Key, ability to limit by IP. Limits them to actions within their own account. Such as:
- List Invoices
- View Invoice Details
- List Domains
- List services
- Place new Domain order
- Renew Domain
- Place Service Order ( possibly tricky one , so go for V2 on this )
- List Tickets
- Open Tickets
Hi Sam,
Thanks for your suggestion.

What would you like to see a new User API do?
What functionality would it add that isn't currently available via the UI and APIs today?
Well there is not any API Management tab or feature in Ui of client area like most cloud providers systems. A Customer API that has their own API Key would be great feature since most of our customers are developers.