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Sales Call Scheduler

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We would like this type of functionality. We also like to call
our customers a few times per year, and also have been just putting a
'NOTE' in, but we would like this to be much more functional than just

For example - we'd like to have it schedule these calls. If we decide
to call people twice per year, then WHMCS should schedule who to call
this week and track who was and wasn't called - or who was called and
who we couldn't get in touch with. We have about 2,000 clients, so if
we are calling them twice per year, that's about 75 per week or about 15
per day. If we can't contact them by phone, it should note the
dates/times of the attempted calls, and then allow us to email. If
there is a problem or a concern, we can open a trouble ticket (which is
OK) but simply having a 'follow up' scheduler would also be good so that
we could say 'we'll call you back next Wed' and have WHMCS schedule
that for us', so that we don't have to use a separate program for these


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Like this one along with the Notes section just a tab where we can note calls in to the Support Centre, information about the call and action taken. Even the ability to add to a Support Ticket to keep track of all the information being passed through.

At the moment the only option is via the Notes in the Support Ticket but this isn't ideal
Fantastic feature request!

I really think our sales team would love something like this.