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Create Basic WHMCS Module via WHMCS Online Tool

  • iPwsite shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Automation

Create Basic WHMCS Module via WHMCS Online Tool by using third party standard API rather than hardcoding


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Also there is an app in for WHMCS but the only thing I can do there is to trigger when a new to do item is added.
We need a robust zapier / integromant app for WHMCS
Maybe adding a fully functional app in will help?
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion. We'll need some more information on how you envision this working so that other users can understand the purpose of this request and lend their support. For example:

What do you see this module creation tool doing?
What would it be used for?
What would your ideal workflow look like?
Are there any existing examples of such a solution in other markets which do this particularly well?