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Convert Invoice to Delivery Order (DO)

  • Russhimi Sharif shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Admin Area
  • 1 Comment

Hi, could you create function from Admin area where Admin can convert Invoice to DO?

It's similiar like convert Quote to Invoice. But from Invoice to DO, just remove Amount, Sub Total, Credit and Total.

Example, Invoice number is Invoice #2022-01-01-11 and after converted it will be DO #2022-01-01-11 (and the original invoice should be remain).

Please check my attachment for an example.

I think this is really small request and hope your Team consider it T_T


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Hi Russhimi,
Thanks for taking the time to share this idea.

Can you provide some insight into what a Delivery Order is, and what WHMCS users would use it for?
Hi, i also used WHMCS as the invoice for physical item delivery to user.

So each time the item delivered, some customer request invoice include delivery order (DO).
Can your team consider about this request please?