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Consolidated Domain Renewal & Invoice Reminders

  • deepaksakhrani shared this idea 7 years ago
  • Admin Area

We have several customers with multiple domains and hosting services. Many often complaint that they get too many individual emails for domain renewal & invoice reminder.

For e.g. if client A has 50 Domains due for renewal on 10th and another 30 domains on 25th of a month then he receives 80 emails individually.

Can this be sent in 1 email informing about all domain name renewals with dates.

Similarly, if client has multiple pending invoices, automated reminder sends multiple emails for each invoice individually.

Can this be consolidated in a single reminder including details of all pending invoices?

This is getting difficult to handle specially with large clients portfolio some have over 1000 domains in account.


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I agree. This is needed. The more streamlined, the better.
Have just experienced this with the customer receiving 33 emails in on go. The phone call was uncomfortable. There must be a consolidated email capability.
I have the same problem, i have clients with more than 50 domains. They are extremely unhappy with it.
i had to reduce from 3 notifications to 1 for all clients because i client was extremely unhappy with it.

Maybe add a checkbox in the profile of the client, to force grouping so it can be left as default for the clients who have only a few domains. in that way everybody is happy
Some time ago, it used to be possible to have WHMCS send out a single email notification for domain renewals. However, this feature was removed by WHMCS due to new ICANN regulations as blogged here:

However, I was not able to find any information on the ICANN website about the requirement to send individual emails - there is only the requirement to ensure the Registrant receives the notification on specific times before expiration.

Currently - if a user has for example, thirty domain names, they will receive thirty individual email renewal notifications from WHMCS system - very much OTT !

Whilst I understand the logic and reasoning for this change, I do not believe it will be too hard to modify the WHMCS system to still be compliant with ICANN regulations - yet also group the domain emails.

I opened a ticket with WHMCS and their comment was as follows;

"It is necessary to do this because each domain could have a different Registrant contact (which is required to be included on the renewal notice). If we were to do a group reminder, it is possible that some registrant e-mail contacts for their domains would not get it (or would get notices that are not applicable to them), which would violate ICANN's requirements at this time."

I believe it would not be too hard to set up a filter in WHMCS that queries the Registrant contact and expiry / renewal date against the domain registrar record. If they match, group the reminders - if they don't send them separately!

Please consider this request, Thanks
I also agree with Deepak. This consolidated feature is important as I have had customers query this and I haven't found the answer to it.

Please add this feature.
Totally agree with Deepak's suggestion.
Also, why did the consolidated feature have to be removed? I see no mention in the blog article that icann regulations do not allow consolidated invoices?
I was planning to buy WHMCS but if it forces me to spam my clients like this I won't buy it.
I hope you'll add the consolidation feature as the system looks great otherwise.

I have almost all domains thru ResellerClub. They send renewal reminders to end-customers as described here:

I hope other registrars may be following similar practice.

For now I have disabled renewal reminders thru whmcs cron job and I have not received a single complaint from any customer for receiving consolidated renewal reminders sent by registrar for their domains.

There could be a checkbox to allow a option to send consolidated renewal reminder or let users to select between individual or consolidated domain renewal reminder.

Can it be achieved with a separate weekly cron job to send consolidated renewal reminder for domains expiring in next 15/30/45/60 days ?

There will be much less reminder emails available in whmcs user account and it will not flood our customers inbox.

Similarly, if a client has multiple pending invoices then cron sends reminders for individual invoices. If a single invoice reminder is sent with list of all pending invoices and attachments then it makes life more simple....

Many times our customers ignored emails with same subject line "invoice payment reminder" - it looks like same email is sent repeatedly and clients have been frustrated with this as well. Unfortunately we cannot stop this and we have to send these emails.

If invoice reminders can also be consolidated then that will be a great help.

Thank you!
Due to new ICANN regulations the consolidated domain reminder feature had to be removed. For more information on the new system please refer to
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how we migth implement a consolidated renewal reminder which remaining compliant with these new regulations.

I'm a registrar familiar with ICANN policy. Most, if not all, WHMCS customers that sell domains are resellers of registrars. The registrars are required to send reminders, not the resellers. The WHMCS reminder is just a redundancy that can be useful if the reseller is plugged into multiple registrars. Therefore, taking this functionality away was a mistake by WHMCS and should be re-deployed as an optional feature.
We have clients with thousands of domains, so they essentially view these reminders as spam and requested that we redirect elsewhere. In practice this means setting up mail forwarding and redirecting the notifications to ourselves. It's not only bad optics for us, but because these clients don't actually see the reminders, this actually makes us non-compliant with ICANN.
Please consider bringing this back.
I know the previous system was removed - but is there nothing planned to replace it?