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Option to Hide Free Configurable Options from Shopping Cart

  • Steve Kraft shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Order Forms

Hi folks,

when setting up configurable options the most used 1st option is just a none priced one. E. g. you want to add additional databases - the product has one db and you give the customer the option in a dropdown:

- no additonal db = 0.00 $
- 1 db = 100.00 $
- 2 db = 180.00 $
- etc.

The first option is showing up on the side widget and on the whole summary as it's using up space.

It would be nice, when there is an configurable option with a price of 0 it should not appear anywhere else.



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I am looking for this exact feature. The 1st IP address I give with VPS service is free, but I charge for additional. Not being able to set the first one at $0.00 puts me at a huge disadvantage because my automation relies on that ipv4 address designation. So instead, I have 2 options, 1 hidden that has "1 quanity" for the ip, to work with the automation. The 2nd , visible option, is a slider for additional IPs that will invoice. Problem is, I have to manually review each order for additional IPs and add them to the machine after the automated provisioning. Very lame. I haven't found a better work around yet.
Ok, I see there is a mental error. It should be possible for the admin to set a check mark so that he can individually select which option should not be displayed in the shopping cart.

My example of not displaying a price of 0 is not a good idea, because - example:

Which control panel do you want to choose:
- LiveConfig - 0,00 €
- cPanel - 100.00 €

In this case, "LiveConfig" would no longer be displayed.

In my example from above, it would make more sense if the admin had another option to simply set whether the option is displayed in the shopping cart and on the invoice or not. Like you can do with products and their "user-defined fields", for example.

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