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Complete WHMCS Documentation

  • AssociatedVOIP shared this idea 11 years ago
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I, for one, would like to see the documentation for the whole system improved.

Too often I try to perform a task and the documentation is simply lacking,
so I end up spending precious hours to find the answer in forums or on
the internet.

WHMCS... you need to add completion of the documentation to your improvements checklist~!

IE: Documentation on setting up email templates...
From the documentation"
Merge Fields
In email messages you can enter merge field variables which are then replaced at the time of sending automatically with the users data.

The merge fields available in your message depend on what type
of email you are sending. For example if it's an email related to a
client you can include client fields only, but if it's a product related
email you could include product details as well as client fields.

The exact list of fields you have available in any email message
you are composing are listed directly below the message box with the
field description and merge field code. Clicking on the description will
insert the merge field at the point of your cursor in the message.

Where is the list of what the available merge fields mean?
{$service_server_name} vs {$service_server_hostname}

I know it would be simple to send myself an email with all the merge fields in it to see what they mean, but I should not have to spend the time to do that.

We can't read minds!!!
Please complete your documentation!!!