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Client email verfication alternatives

We're porting over a number of clients from QB to WHMCS, so we're entering them all through the administrative interface. If we send the client a verification email, they click the link and it takes them to a login screen -- they don't have a password, so they can't login and verify their email address. If they select "Forgot Password", they get an email to reset their password, but this doesn't reset the verification flag. I have 3 suggestions:
1) The verification email should (could) bypass the login screen, but take them to their profile options so they can reset their password and update any information that may have changed from QB to WHMCS;
2) Allow the verification email to be the password reset link, and response to that link will set the verification flag
3) Provide a button on the Admin's Client Summary page to reset the verification flag. As the admin, I know that the email I'm entering is the correct email, and if they're receive invoices and other emails, why can't I update this flag myself?
Maybe all three? The current methodology is annoying.

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