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Client Area Support Ticket Editing.

  • Anonymous shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Admin Area

The way the current support tickets work is that if you ( user) adds to a
ticket it will push the ticket to the bottom of the ticket queue, even
if you have forgot something in the initial ticket and then you add this
as a reply.

I would like to see a feature added to either allow tickets to be edited until they are replied to by a staff member then editing is
locked or to allow any ticket to be edited like these forum posts up to a
period of 15 minutes before being lock


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It seems the general consensus here is that allowing end users to edit tickets is a bad idea. But we are adding a new option for the last reply timestamp updating so that a client adding further replies to a ticket will not update it which you can enable if you wish.
If they can edit tickets ONLY UNTIL the ticket has been viewed by staff, then what's the big deal. Let them provide more clarity or whatever they want to do.
No, this can easily be resolved by ordering tickets by a first response after staff response system. Ticket editing is not the way.

I really need edit ticket permission in administrator role.I don't like my staff edit the posts from clients. Can we offer feature like this ?

Thank you
This feature can be disabled or enabled. So don't worry.
Yes it's sensitive. Ofcourse client can't edit after admin's reply and after some X seconds from posting
We feel that we shouldn't allow the customer to change what they've sent in a ticket or the very nature of the ticket can be manipulated. Especially in legal cases, this data is very sensitive.

The Problem: Support ticket gets put to bottom of queue

The Solution: Allow another reply without changing the queue position
I find it useful.
Most of us here we check the tickets at least 30seconds after sumbitions. Editing some times is important because can "fix" their response. Some people forgots to attach or have spelling errors, so it would be useful.
I kind of agree with mozafary, clients should not really be able to edit what they have already submitted.

I do however agree that there should be someway to add something, incase a client forgot to include some information, this could be one of a few ways.

- A box to add additional information to the current ticket reply.
- Allow another reply without changing the queue position
- Allow editing but keep a history of all versions of a reply

They could be limited to once per reply / within x mins and/or until a staff reply/views the ticket.
There could be additional options to change the behaviour of the ticket system, as to allow none, all or a select number of replies before affection a tickets queue position which resets when staff reply/view.
It's so bad if a client can edit the post!clients should only post new messages.