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Captcha for select forms > Admin Login Forms


in WHMCS 7.7 you added recaptcha for admin area but we can't split the logic of "Login Forms" for client and admin area. Take a look at the attached screenshot.

"Login Forms" works for admin AND client login forms. Could you give us two separate options? Let me give you an example.

I'm using a script that logins to WHMCS as administrator via curl and downloads PDF files (invoices). The script then stores all files to a DMS (document management system) and also sends an email to accountants with attachments. The problem is that WHMCS administrators are forced to leave "Login Forms" disabled for both admin and client login forms.

I probably know how to overcome the issue with action hook but I think this should be in the core of WHMCS.
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    Can you add disable reCAPTCHA for administrator login only?
    HiCan you add disable reCAPTCHA for administrator login only?Thanks

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