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Block function based on country

  • Haavard D. shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Order Forms
  • 1 Comment

We get some orders from countries where 99% of them is fraud. We would like to have the option to create some kind of blocking of countries in the order forms.

Let's say that a client form a country on the block list tries to order (based on IP or chosen country/phone number in the registration) we can give them a warning or an extra step of validation (by a code/password provided by out team). The warning can be something like:
"You are chosen for an extra validation process. Please contact customer support to continue your order".

There might also be someone using whmcs that do not want to accept orders from a certain region or country.


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Hi Haavard,
Thanks for taking the time to submit this suggestion.

WHMCS integrates with a number of fraud checking modules, which allow for the creation of custom rules based on factors including the IP country. I'd suggest taking a look at that option:

Would that meet the needs of this request?
Thanks John. We will look into those options. I guess that would solve our problem.