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BCC field in Email Templates

  • Christian Almazena shared this idea 8 years ago
  • Email

Kayako has the possibility to send a notification to staff when a ticket is replied to prevent that other operator replies the same ticket (productivity).
As this maybe is complicated to implement, John Kipling from WHMCS suggests me we can use the field CC in the "Support Ticket Reply" in email templates, but this field is visible for the clients.
Would be possible add a BCC field in the email templates?
Thank you


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When a ticket is opened, the system send an email to the staff in this department. If one technician reply the ticket, the other technicians don't know if the ticket is answered and they need to enter to WHMCS to see it, losing time and productivity.

If I activate the BCC, the technicians will receive all emails, including replies of the other departments, invoices, new orders notifications, etc.

Kind regards
There is a Blind Carbon Copy option for emails located in General Settings > Mail. By specifying an email in the BCC field there, all emails the system sends will be blind copied to the addresses specified. You can add multiple ones separated by a comma.
That would also be visible to the client, as you are sending the mail to the client. If you need to send BCC you must send the mail to yourself, and adding the recipents as BCC. This would be rather hard to implement I guess.

And I do not understand the logic in your request. If the ticket is answered... it first disappears from the list of open tickets, second all other staff would see the ticket is answered by opening it....