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Base64 encoded Logo for E-mail Templates

Under Settings > General is a place to put the Logo URL so the top of system generated E-mails have a logo at the top. The issue is that this is an externally linked resource and will most likely not show in the unless the sending address is a trusted sender.

I have attempted to put a BASE64 encoded image in there included as a data:image/png;base64,... , but https:// ends up getting tagged on to the beginning of the string. This same method works great in my E-mail signature where I can enter the html manually. It would be great if the system could recognize when the field contains an encoded image so that those of us who know how to do this can actually ensure that E-mails contain our logo without the broken image.

Better yet - that field could allow an image to be uploaded, convert it to BASE64 and store it that way in the database, and then attach it as a CDATA style link to all E-mail so that the logo always works for everyone using WHMCS.

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